Validate your Simpro Premium expertise by earning certifications to grow your career

Why get certified?

There are many benefits to being certified including official recognition of your skills and knowledge in Simpro Premium.

How do I take an exam?

It's critical for a successful exam experience to be prepared. Read all about taking a proctored exam.

Renew your Simpro Certification for free

Do you know that Simpro certifications expire unless they are renewed? One of the benefits of holding a Simpro Premium credential is always being up-to-date on new product releases (updates). You can renew your certification by passing the online certification maintenance modules on the Simpro Learning Toolbox.

Certifications are important for several reasons:
Skill Verification: Certifications provide validation of your knowledge and skills in a particular field. It serves as a proof of the specialized training you have undergone.

Career Advancement: Certifications can boost your career. Many organizations value certified professionals and are likely to offer them higher positions, better salaries, and more opportunities for advancement.

Lifelong Learning: Earning a certification often requires continuing education to maintain it, ensuring that you stay updated on the latest developments and best practices in your field.

Professional Credibility: Certifications enhance your professional image. They show that you are dedicated, motivated, and technically proficient, increasing your credibility with employers, colleagues, and clients.

Competitive Edge: In a competitive job market, certifications can set you apart from other candidates who lack such credentials.

In essence, certifications can play a key role in personal development, professional growth, and achieving success in your career.

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